Q: Are the wallets made from real leather?

A: All our leather products are made with high quality leather. We use different types of leather for different ranges of products, under product description you will find the types of leather being used for the particular product. Rest assured, our products are made with high quality leather.

Q: Are the leathers thick enough for everyday use?

A: Many misconceptions about leather being thick are of higher quality leather. Also we noticed the advertisement of ‘genuine leather’ as real leather, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Leathers are generally graded as full grained, top grained, genuine leather or bonded leather. Full grained and top grained are usually more expensive to produce, as they are considered the higher grades of leather. Other factors of high quality and durability of a leather goods are also determined by which tannery the leather is produced from, the construction of the leather product. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Does the product come with a gift box? I want to purchase it as a gift to my father.

A: Yes, all of our products are gift ready, it also comes with an individual dust bag for storage.

Q: How do I take care of the leather products?

A: While we do take pride in ensuring the best leather goods delivered to you, basic maintenance of leather products is often required to maintain the desired look for your products. We suggest over time, dust of excess dirt or grime with a soft cloth apply leather conditioner or leather balm to prevent leather from cracking. As with most best practices, test your leather conditioner/balm on a hidden surface or small surface of your product to see if it's suitable for the leather product. Follow us on instagram @markusandbaro for occasional updates on how to care for your products.

Q: I want to customise a product, can you do it?

A: Please write to us on our contact page, or email us so that we can assist you on your customisation.